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CNJ Motorsport is proud to have been involved in the continual development of the Nissan Skyline GTR HR32 "Missile" of Russell Newman and Mark Berry since August 2004. We have been working on the vehicle since it's infamous transformation from a standard road car to it's beguiling performance as an Awesome Speed Demon. The vehicle was initially imported to be a fast Street Car, but after a few track days, the "Racing Bug" bit and Russell and Mark were keen for more, so they embarked upon a journey to turn it into an AWESOME Race Car.

Throughout it's transformation it was necessary to upgrade the Engine Management System, Ignition System, Fuel System, and equally importantly, the Braking System. We installed an Autronic SM2 and CDI and manufactured and installed a Plug In Loom, to achieve a precise Engine Management System that was up to the task. The Autronic SM2 allows 3 dimensional mapping of fuel and ignition and is fully sequential. This ECU has been designed for the serious racer, and has Traction Control, Launch Control and Full Throttle Shift Options which makes it ideal for circuit racing. Autronic Engine Management Systems are renowned for their reliability, and have the ability to control injectors correctly.

High horsepower levels place enormous loads upon the Fuel System, to the point where the stock fuel pumps and fuel lines are no longer capable of supplying the injectors with adequate fuel at the correct fuel pressure and flow. And the standard injectors and Fuel Rails become totally inadequate as a result. This is not only a concern because of the mixture variation from cylinder to cylinder that results, but also because this fuel distribution issue becomes more prominent as the power level increases. So, we installed the ultimate, a Dual Bosch Motorsport Fuel Pump which was designed to feed both ends of the fuel rails and exit in the centre, to ensure the fuel rails were full at all times and maintaining a constant and consistent supply of fuel to each and every injector. It had Pink Top Nissan Injectors which were exchanged for some 800cc Sard Injectors. These top-feed injectors have a much higher flow rate of 800cc. These changes were necessary as the fuel supply was no longer adequate to maintain the "Power Generator" located under the bonnet. The car was initially run on PULP (Premium Unleaded Petrol) but consequently was converted to a proper Race Fuel, Sunoco 260 GT Plus. This racing fuel is consistently of high quality and is specifically designed for the professional racer. It is highly oxygenated to help produce maximum performance and is an excellent choice for modern computer-controlled applications.

The car also had to shed it's stock standard calipers and rotors for some serious AP Racing Performance Brake Calipers and Rotors. The AP Racing range of Discs, Calipers and Rotors have been expertly engineered to respond to the severe demands encountered under competition conditions, and have no trouble pulling the GTR up.

The GTR also had some awesome sounding Custom Built Dump Pipes and a Side Pipe fitted to enhance it's performance, aesthetics and tune as well.


This vehicle was one of the first overseas entrants to be exclusively invited to the "Rev Speed Time Attack" at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan on 5th December 2007.


At the Shake Down at Queensland Raceway the previous month the car performed faultlessly and Mark, who was under the watchful eyes and support of Russell, was the Demon Driver of the Day. He was able to break his previous track times on all three circuit tracks tested throughout the day! He posted a 53.84 on the sprint track, which they believe to be the third fastest time ever posted there, and definitely the fastest time on street rubber. He did a 57.2 on the Clubman as he was held up, and believes he could do a 56 on a clear track! He then did a 1:16.6 on the National, and again was held up quite a bit, so believes he could do a 1:15!!! Based on these times, the guys reckon they could do a 1:37 at Eastern Creek and at least a 1:03 at Wakefield! Some pretty impressive but attainable times. The previous times were all achieved on a track where the ambient temperature was 31 degrees and track temp of 52 degrees!!


The HR32 Skyline performed faultlessly at Oran Park Raceway in Sydney on Saturday 5th July 2008 with Mark behind the wheel. Amazingly, Mark and Russell have got a hold of the latest Skyline GTR,aHR35, and it produced an outstanding 1:17.1290 with Russell at the helm. This is an abolutely amazing achievement as this car is relatively stock standard with a Unichip and minor exhaust modifications. Keep your eyes peeled as it might just pop up every now and then,perhapsat theWillowbank drags! Click here to check out another write up on the HR35's performance on the day.

We also prepared the Landcruiser of David Nicholson which he entertained the Sydney audience with as he threw it around the track with a 1:29.9670 . He calls is "The Beast".


The GTR HR32 has done it again! As far as we're aware she's the fastest low mount turbo GTR in the world! That's even more amazing because the car was still in full circuit racing trim with a full exhaust as raced at Superlap in Oran Park. Obviously it could go even quicker withsome tweaks and a bit of a diet! Unfortunately, we may never know just how quick, as ANDRA (the drag racing governing body) will not let the vehicle race again unless it is modified to adhere totheir criteria, such asthe installationofa parachute. This would obviously be counter-productive on a time attack car! Check out theprint out below!!!

We are proud to have been able to tune Russell and Mark's GTR to achieve our constant goal of providing reliability and responsiveness to quick cars, be it race cars or street cars. We enjoyed our trip to support themin Japan in December at the infamous Tsukuba circuit and Oran Park in Sydney in July '08. We would like to wish them the best of luck in all of their Motorsporting endeavours and look forward to being there to encourage them and assist them in any way we can. Go Boys!!!!!!!